05/10/2023 • Lot 30 Gray Roan Filly • 6238373
Stirrup Quick Meow

Stirrup Quick Meow

Lot 30 Gray Roan Filly
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Stirrup Quick Meow has a great confirmation, she is extremely athletic. Her Dam comes from the Hunt Open Box Rafter ranch and was rode on the ranch before entering the brood band. Her sire is a beautiful 16 hand Palomino, with offspring winning in the rodeo arena, shooting sports and many other activities. Ride her then add her to your brood mare band. All Stirrup branded foals are eligible for the AQHA Heritage Challenges. Please watch Facebook Stirrup Ranch QH for current photos and photos of sire and dam. Please visit or phone calls with questions are welcome. 605.347.8120 or 605.490.1622 or email us at [email protected].

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