06/06/2018 • 2018 Chestnut Gedling • 5887262
Lot 59 - Cowboys French Guy

Lot 59 - Cowboys French Guy

2018 Chestnut Gedling
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Red has been a pleasure to own. He was easy to train and is handy to use. He has been used for fall run, checking, gathering, and some calving. Red is from Glen and Janet Long’s program and by the great Sir Bea Cowboy. He is a gentle soul that has been the type we can leave sit, then saddle him up and he rides off. Red is built correct, with thick bone, and is extremely athletic. We love the Sir Bea Cowboy minds and natural cow-sense. He is up to date on teeth, farrier, worming, vaccinations and coggins. He has an old scar on his front left by his coronary band from a cut. Was a minor cut and he was never lame on it.

Lot 59 – Cowboys French Guy