05/01/2021 • 2021 Bay Gelding • 6089185
Lot 65 - Beckwith James

Lot 65 - Beckwith James

2021 Bay Gelding
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Sancho comes from the Crago/Schmidt Quarter Horse Program. We have owned him since he was a weanling. He has always been easy to catch and great to get along with. He has done all the Spring ranch jobs from tagging, dragging calves to the fire, and everything in between. He has an easy going demeanor and is trustworthy. Our six year old son has ridden him and gets along great with him. He stands at 14.3 hands and is guaranteed sound. Search Beckwith James on YouTube for the video and/or contact Tanner Olson 701-495-3837.

Lot 65 – Beckwith James