04/28/2023 • 2023 Buckskin Filly • 6242132
Lot 70 - ML Zevi Moon

Lot 70 - ML Zevi Moon

2023 Buckskin Filly
Two Legit Shawnee Bug Leo Shawne Bug
Countess Edith
Ocho Dos Tres Seis
Protea Plus More
Zevis Frosted Twosix Patron At Six PC Frenchmans Hayday
Coxes Major Streak
Wind And Fire Two Summer Wind And Fire
Deck Jacks 81

ML ZEVI MOON – Exciting barrel bred prospect. Sire, Two Legit, is a 1 D Barrel and Futurity money earner. This Filly traces back to Shawnee Bug on top as well as Tres Seis one of the hottest bloodlines today. On the bottom going back to PC Frenchmans Hayday by the immortal Frenchmans Guy. Erik has spent time with this filly laying the proper groundwork, she will be ready to start how you like. Big buckskin filly in a cute package!

Lot 70 – ML Zevi Moon