Owners: Frank Carlson & Toni Romero
PO Box 204
Belvidere, SD 57521

Carlson Quarter Horses
We are located in Belvidere, SD and we have been raising horses together since 2010. We
currently have a cow/calf operation, which, we use our horses almost daily. This is a family
operation, so we need horses that will work for us as well as the kids. Our main goal in
raising horses is to have them versatile, cowy, the mind, and the ability to withstand the
demands of everyday chores to excel not only in the ranch world but also the performance
world. We like a horse to have good confirmation, withers, eye appeal, and bone to carry
them through their lives on the ranch or the arena. They need to be durable to withstand
the river hills, have cow and quick feet to make our job easier. We have raised and
purchased our brood mare band and selected them based on their confirmation and cow.
We will have colts by Under The Rare Sun “Sonny”-a 2014 gray stallion by Cold Sun and
out of Rare Native Bar. Sonny sires colts with keen heads, a big hip, bone, and they have a
nice disposition. We purchased Sonny from the late great Ann Seacrest-Hanson as a
weanling. Ann was known for having an eye for good horses and always rode the best to
pick up and ranch on. We have used Sonny for calving and fall work.
Our second stallion SS Bravestone is a handy guy himself and his colts possess his colorful
character and athleticism. Bravestone is a 2020 Black Stallion by Ruf Lil Magnum (NRHA
LTE: $123,000+) and out of Xtra Black Magic. Frank has used Bravestone to calve on all
spring. He makes everything easy because of his cow, grit, and his natural rate and stop.
We purchased a new stallion, KickinHashTakinNames by HashTags and out of Merada
Shine, to add to the line up and are looking forward to his colts in the future.
If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to reach out to us. Frank 605.441.0668
and Toni 605.454.2054. We can also be reached at Carlson.
[email protected].

Carlson Romero Stallions

Under the Rare Sun

2014 Gray Under the Rare Sun

Under the Rare Sun

2014 Gray Under the Rare Sun
Cold Sun Sun Frost Doc's Jack Frost
Prissy Cline
Molly McWiggles Heza Driftbar
Corona Boon
Rare Native Bar Rare Bar Rare Jet
Miss Fair Dolly
James Belle 921 Jessie Blackburn
Pava De Royal