04/22/2023 • Lot 7 Buckskin Dun Filly • 6238968
Rare Sun Sugar Dun

Rare Sun Sugar Dun

Lot 7 Buckskin Dun Filly
Under The Rare Sun Cold Sun Sun Frost
Molly McWiggles
Rare Native Bar Rare Bar
James Belle 921
Lika Sugar Meow BVR Sugar Leo Pans Sugar Baby
JX Leos Molly
Lika Meow Lonsum Par Dancer
Smoky Dallas Red

A nice well put together filly. Her Dam came from the Wetz Stirrup Ranch and is a very nice mare. We sold her full brother in this sale last year. The Sonny and Lika cross colts have been sensible and willing.

Carlson Romero