03/24/2023 • Lot 20 Chestnut Stallion • 6232240
Oles Peppin Dual

Oles Peppin Dual

Lot 20 Chestnut Stallion
Shield Five Ole Cat Red Pepper Cat High Brow Cat
Oaks Delite
Miss Lena Sixteen Boon San Lena
Miss Holly Sixteen
Shield Five Dually Boonylensma Peptoboonsmal
Sapphire Olena
Dual N Missy Dual Pep
Miss Quixote Sails

This cross is always neat! A lot of personality with an extreme amount of talent, in a pretty rabicano covering! Shield Five Ole Cat has crossed very well on the Boonylensma mares. Call or text with questions.

Shield Five Quarter Horses