Riders 2

HC Will Cee

2015 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Jensen Quarter Horses . White River, SD



Strawberry Jack

Peppermint Jack

Poco Sunup

HC Poco Speedy Punch

Tee Jays Candy Doll

Tee Jay Sunday

Miss Candy Doll

HC Will Cee

2012  Sorrel Gelding

Benito Bar Jack

Benito Bar Rebel

Rapids Kitten

HC Sassy Cee

Ima Sassy Lass

Savannah Bo

Speedy Recovery

Ranch ready young gelding.

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Sparky Deuce

2011 Red Roan AQHA Gelding

Lonnie Krause - Bison, SD

605.490.6226 - lkrause@sd.plains.com


Genuine Doc

Shining Spark

Diamonds Sparkle

The Perfect Spark

Perfect Patience

Zan Parr Bar

Ebony Ash

Sparky Deuce

2011 Red Roan AQHA Gelding

Rockin T Fox

Rockin T Buck

Muffets Crest

CP Rockin Girl

JJ Boogie

Mr Smooth One

Boggie Shasta

JJ is a well broke gelding who has no buck and likes people.  Anyone who knows how to ride can ride him.  We have drug calves to the fire and ponied horses off him.  JJ Rides the same if you rode him yesterday or 2 months ago.  For more info or videos call Lonnie at 605.490.6226.

Kros Ottis

2012  Black AQHA Gelding

Ken Krieger . Blunt, SD



Blueboy Quincy

My Casey Quincy

Ms Cody Deluxe

My Blue Casino

Black Sacrifice

Sir Star Wars

Sacrifice Sue

Kros Ottis

Krogs Casino Lady

Blueboy Quincy

My Casino Quincy

Ms Cody Deluxe

Kros Bourbon Lady

Krogs Bee Man

Old Kro



2001 Chestnut Grade Gelding

Jackson Langdeau . Rapid City, SD


Jackson has rode Babcock for the last three years.  He rides in big open country and also does playday events on him.  This horse is very cowy, neck reins and has a nice stop.  Babcock stays sound, no maintenance.  We love this horse.  Jackson helps gather and sort at the brandings on Babcock and has a blast.  He takes great care of Jackson.

Breezy Drift

2012 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Jeremy Langdeau . Rapid City, SD



Sun Frost

PC Sunder Frost

PC Stellar Frost

Driftin Jack Frost

Driftin Sugar Oak

Docs Oaks Sugar

San Drift

Breezy Drift

2012 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Docs Gray Fri Dee

Biebers Doc Colonel

Rosie Samantha

Breeze Way Breeze

Miss Penny Spark

Mr Sparkle Bar

Penny Chock

Drifter is a shapey 5 yr. old sorrel gelding that came off of this very sale as a colt from LeAnn Bender. We have been riding him since he was a 2 year old.  Drifter has been used extensively on the ranch. From doctoring cattle out in the pasture to dragging calves to the fire and is now in training with Eli Lord in the heading and breakaway.  He’s doing great!

True French Image

2013 Gray AQHA Mare

Mailloux Quarter Horses . Vale, SD

605-347-3294 . gary_deb@hotmail.com


Dash For Perks

Smoke N Sparks

Crazy Daisy

True Sparks A Flying

Drifters Flying Mist

Bob Drifter Coulee

Moneys Skippy Bar

True French Image

2013  Gray AQHA Mare

Frenchmans Guy

Frenchmans Image

Oh Image Three

WPH Images Sun Tan

Star For Par

Par For The Course

Lady Star 2

Very pretty dark grey mare with black mane and tail.  Daisy was started as a 2 yr old, pretty much had most of last year off and is being ridden again this summer.  She is gentle, loads, hauls and shoes.  She could make anything from a trail horse to a ranch or arena horse.

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Moonshine Haida

2013 Red Dun AQHA Gelding

Marc Matlick . Gillette, WY

307-680-5156  .  marc.matlick@pinnbank.com




High Brow Cat

Cats Moonshine

Genuine Moonshine

Lil Lena Moonshine

HR Little Lena Bell

Little Lenas Legend

Little Peppy Belle

Moonshine Haida

2013  Red Dun Gelding

Mccalls Sweet Haida

Peppy San Badger

Haidas Little Pep

Doc’s Haida

Public Intoxication

High Brow Hickory

Panolas Little Lena

Gentle, well made gelding that stands around 15 hands.  He is started roping and logging in the arena and has had miles of outside riding including trips to the Bighorns.  This gelding is good around other horses, easy to catch, good to shoe and has never humped or bucked.


2nd picture: This is at the National High School Finals Rodeo. They are going to use this horse again tonight a kid from Australia is going to use him. Not bad for a 4 year old that had never been in a real rodeo arena with banners, noise, commotion.

Lucky Boy Sugar

2006 Color AQHA Gelding

Ed & Kathy Merrill . Newcastle, WY

307-746-4042  .  Merrillk_04@hotmail.com


Debby's Top Bar

Mr Sparkle Bar

Sparkle Shi

Coys Sugar Hank

Coy Hanky Panky

Lucky Boy Bonanza

Hanks Ah Lady

Lucky Boy Sugar

Baby Leo Dude

Docs Lightnin Leo

Mark Me A Leo

Mark Me Trouble

Og Leo

Lad Leo

Dudes Baby D Or

Fritz is a solid ranch gelding that can handle any job. He has been used for all of the ranch chores; doctoring yearling, sorting in the feed lot, dragging calves at branding and covering big country. He has also been used in the arena heading steers and is patterned on poles and barrels. He has a fast walk and is easy to catch, load and shoe. He has seen a hard day's work and knows how to go all day. He is in training with Lucas Stolhammer until the sale. Look for videos coming soon. Ridden by Lucas Stolhammer (307) 746-2040.

2011 Color AQHA Gelding

Shawn and Leslie Merrill . Wall, SD

605-993-6144  .  slmerrill@gwtc.net


Doc’s Jack Frost

Sun Frost

Prissy Cline

Pat Cowan

Miss 3 John

John Red


YO Pat Times Three

2009 Palomino AQHA Gelding

Frosty Feature

Roan Feature

Miss Toady Jack

Red Bach Bar

Lady Bachelor

Billy Bachelor Bar

Zeros Trouble

This gelding is as correct as you can make one and a head turner! Big hip, short back, great bone, cute head and a disposition to match. He’s GENTLE and kind, catch anywhere, been used all spring/early summer by Mazee Pauley branding (has drug many calves over the years), sorting, gathering etc.  We will now be taking him to the arena with the rodeo horses to see the sites. Home raised by our great stud, Pat Cowan.  Updates on our web page, www.merrillranch.com and fb page under “Leslie Merrill”.

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Mi French Flit

2013 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Needles View Ranch . Rapid City, SD



Sun Frost

Frenchmans Guy

Frenchman’s Lady

French Flit

Iza Flit Bar

Flit Bar

Miss Showdown Lou

Mi French Flit

2013 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Mr Trouble Step

Mi Ways Trouble

Micro Wave 8

Mi Ways Jackie

Willows Jackie

Docs Willow

Docs Gaye Amy

Flit is a beautiful 4 year old bay gelding that has lots of chrome.  He stands 14.1 hh and is very gentle.  Flit was bought as a 2 yr old at the Open Box Rafter sale and has been used on the ranch ever since.  He’s used to trail buffalo, cows and trail ride in the black hills.  We feel he would really excel in the arena as a heel horse or just go back to the ranch.